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Meet Nick

Hey there… again.

Congrats on finding the about page. You deserve to get to know me a little bit better, and I’m happy to make that happen.

The Professional Third-Person Aficionado

Born in El Paso, TX in 1996, Nicholas showed promise at a young age, testing into second grade at the age of five. While graduating high school at 16 would’ve put him into a semi-outstanding category of students, Nick’s parents put him one year ahead, leading to him graduating at 17, immediately into an unsure future. Dabbling in international business and graphic design for a while, he ended up at the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson, TX in August 2015, and flourished. By the end of his collegiate career, he’d earned a 3.3 GPA, a managerial position at the campus student-run magazine, a position as a college radio DJ, entrance into numerous professors’ good graces, and, most importantly, a Bachelor’s degree in Emerging Media and Communication.

The 26-Year Old Wonderkid

Obviously, I’m not just a collection of decently-impressive academic accomplishments; while those might be important, it’s also worth noting these fun facts:

  • I’m the third of four kids, all of whom have done some pretty cool things. But, as a middle child, I had to do things exceptionally well to stand out. Which I did.
  • My one progeny is my seven-year old cat, Kepler, and I would fight an army for him.
  • Since 2014, I’ve been an out and proud queer man. The experience of coming out and being out is one that I value deeply, and my identity is a huge inspiration to my work.
  • One day, my homemade cold brew will put Starbucks out of business.

Cyberstalk Me!

While I poured my heart, soul, and cookies into this website, it’s not my only online presence, not by a long shot! Find me at:

  • Substack, and my newsletter Internautics, where I take a look at the intersections of media, identity, and technology in our digital world.
  • Twitter, @internautics_ for all the Hot Takes of the Day.
  • LinkedIn, /nicholas-provenghi, where you can find more of my skills and things I find interesting in the career-sphere (my second favorite sphere, after the atmo-).
  • E-Mail me directly to get in touch with me about opportunities I can fill, questions I can answer, or things that you need to sell.

Not to be a tender queer and all 'no kink at pride about it' but today I feel like maybe having the root "-sex-" be part of all of our identities is the issue... Maybe it really is that simpleβ€”not in reality of course, but because these people are actually that stupid

The attacks on trans people coming from center-left and "centrist" media sources like the NYT is very much part of the bigger plan by the right. The goal is to undercut any potential resistance to what comes next. 1/n

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