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I’m proud of my time at UT Dallas, where I transformed from a directionless art school dropout to a proud and blazing Comet, with a trajectory for the stars. Over the five years I spent in undergrad, I dabbled in creative writing, media analysis, and the presentation of anything I wrote. Some of my best work for classes are below.

  • Section 301
    Griffin and Emil strain to make out the broadcast of a baseball game on an aging CRT together. It’s been a staple of their summer in the mid-90s suburbs, watching games and getting to know one another. But years later, their beloved team’s stadium is in ruins and they’ve lost each other. What happened to a time that was so electric with promise, albeit confined to a lonely bedroom that could be anywhere?
  • (A)Political Contest? The Intersection of Policy and Pop Culture at the Eurovision Song Contest
    Friendly competition is a part of life in the 21st Century. Whether it be a pub quiz or a sports game, fighting for victory is a fun way to let off steam. After World War II, however, Europeans decided to take the concept to 11 and introduced the Eurovision Song Contest to facilitate international harmony in 1955.
  • Accessibility Inequality: A Study of Fair Park and Plano
    The two themes that we kept in mind while conducting a literature review for this project were income stratification and stratification based on disability. Between those, we found some threads that connected the literature we read while researching.
  • A Walk Through History: Mapping UTD and Conclusions on Untold Histories
    Any reflection on a large-scale project like this is going to have a few different steps to take; evaluating the group, and our own small-scale goals and work processes. Taking a look at the project itself, and figuring out how that related to the course material from earlier, and finally, determining what I was able to do and how I was able to grow.
  • A Great Divide: Analyzing the Rural-Urban Divide with American and Japanese Cinema
    How relatable is the content coming out of Hollywood for an international audience, specifically one that might be experiencing the same problems through a different filter and in different lifestyles? To explore this question, this paper will analyze the portrayal of the rural-urban divide in two movies, one American and one Japanese, and discuss the forces surrounding each country’s divide and hopefully make those more evident.