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College radio wasn’t on my gameplan for my time at UTD, but after spending three years in the upper echelons of Student Media, I made the leap at the end of 2018, and it was one of the best risks I ever took. Hopping on as a DJ at RadioUTD was terrifying, challenging, and so gratifying, and I’m proud that I was able to stay on the air for over a year, first as a trainee from February to May of 2019, and then as a full DJ from June 2019 until March 2020.

Three Minutes to Europe

A product of my decade-long passion for the Eurovision Song Contest, Three Minutes to Europe was born as a random coffeehouse musing. One application, interview, and training period later, it was live on the air at RadioUTD. I aimed to curate the best songs to creep up within the contest’s ecosystem and add in all the perspective an American audience would appreciate, and I loved every second of it.


Below are some of my highlights while on-air. This compilation was put together by RadioUTD management and submitted for consideration at the College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) awards in 2020.

DJ Page & Branding

Working in tandem with RadioUTD’s website editor, I wrote and branded my presence and show online, saved as an archive here. In addition, some of the assets I created are included below, as well as a Twitter account I ran that provided real-time updates and information about songs while they played.

Italians were singing out loud Italy's Eurovision entry "Fai rumore" by Diodato while being stuck home because of the lockdown due to #Coronavirus. FAI RUMOREEE ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿฅ #flashmob #coronarvirusitalia

I've got a YouTube playlist with all of this show's songs on it. I hope to be back with news of the future soon. Till then, we'll get through this together.

Finally, the last song I'll ever play here is the one that's my favorite. From 2013, the gentle love song from Hungary's ByeAlex. Thank you so much for everything. Here's hoping there'll be a last hurrah sometime down the line.

NP: "Kedvesem" - ByeAlex (๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡บHU 2013)

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The Music!

Any information about a radio show would be incomplete without a small selection of the tunes spun, which, depending on your tolerance for cheese and foreign languages, will either be great or devastating. Check out a small selection of the hits from Three Minutes to Europe on Spotify below.